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Safe & Vault Opening, Timelock Services

Amsec-drop-safe-1000-retail-price-partpicA-1 Safe Tech Locksmith has been a safe technician in Slidell, La for over 27 years. During this time I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience as a safe technician.  I have invested in specialized equipment and up to date training in techniques have kept A-1 Safe Tech Locksmith at the forefront of the safe and vault industry. This training has been beneficial to the success of my business.

Along with the advanced training, skills and experience required A-1 Safe Tech may also employ many custom-designed tools as well as other equipment such as boltwork manipulation tools, high security key lock picking devices, high-speed drilling machines, medical-grade fiber optic instruments, high-tech lighting devices, and miniature high-resolution video systems. Use of this equipment allows us to minimize damage to your safe or vault and also to the valuable contents inside while opening it in the most efficient and affordable manner.

Our highly trained technician will first attempt to open your safe thru diagnostic dialing or manipulation. Many times we are able to open your safe without the need to drill the safe body.

AmsecSafe-249x300Are you looking for a licensed professional safe technician to open your malfunctioning safe? Safe opening is specialized work. Do not trust your safe opening to just any locksmith, a properly trained and equipped safe technician can successfully open and repair your safe leaving little to no trace. A common locksmith might destroy your safe and still not successfully open the container. Having been in the security industry for 27 years we have seen what the common locksmith can do to your high end safe. In fact local locksmiths contract with us to open safes for them.

We have the tools to open and repair you safe using techniques authorized by the safe manufactures. Our customers which include restaurants, businesses, national ATM service companies, locksmith companies and safe manufacturers have all come to depend on our specialized abilities, professionalism and quick service to keep their equipment functioning properly.

I am bonded, fully insured and licensed by the state of Louisiana (LA F-347). I arrive on time and always leave the job site clean and free of debris.


Safe Lock Servicing – The Mechanical safe lock is a very intricate mechanisms that requires maintenance from time to time to prevent failure which would result in you not being able to get your safe open!  I found usually the type of lockout is either a mechanical one or an operator lockout.

Mechanical lockouts could be caused by water damage or a failed part in the lock, possibly the battery needs replacement or something jammed the door.

Operator lockouts are typically caused by dialing the wrong combination, making a mistake in the sequence dialing, or forgetting the combination completely.

We recommend having you mechanical safe lock serviced every 12 – 18 months for those that use it frequently. For the infrequent user every 24 – 36 months is a good service interval. If the safe has become increasingly difficult to open DO NOT LOCK THE SAFE!!! The next time you lock it could be your last!!  Call us for a lock service immediately so you will not be locked out of your safe.

We’ll Make Sure Your Safe Is In Good Repair

amsec-esl10xl-brass-electronic-lock1Our locksmith offers expert safe repair services for all makes and models of safes. By listening to the customer we can suggest the repairs or upgrades that will keep your safe working for years to come.

Old Safes Going Digital – Many of you have perfectly good quality safes but turnover of staff means frequent lock changing is uneconomical. By replacing your existing key lock to a modern electric lock sargentandgreenleafusers can be added or removed at the touch of a button. Other benefits can include time lock and time delay abilities, audits to monitor users, single or dual code access.

Service Contracts – Service contracts are offered and advised in high use safes where a lock out situation can be extremely inconvenient. This would avoid lock out situations which would result in loss of trade, possible security risks and a safe opening needed (an un-necessary and costly experience).

Member Of:

  • SAVTA – Safe and Vault Technician Association
  • ALOA – Associated Locksmiths of America
  • NSO – National Safeman’s Organization
  • Lou-Miss – Louisiana / Mississippi Locksmith Association

We will inspect and repair your safe using the most current industry techniques.

We carry safe locks and parts in stock:

  • Amsec
  • LaGard
  • S & G
  • SecuRam