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Residential Locksmith

residential_locksmithDon’t give someone else the key to your life!
If you have recently

  • moved into a new apartment, house or office
  • lost your keys
  • had your keys stolen
  • had household help or employees quit or have been fired
  • had any unauthorized persons have control of your keys

We would highly recommend rekeying or changing all your door locks. The reason is very simple: many people might have the key to your new home or business: tradesmen, friends of the previous owner, previous tenants, etc. Why put your security in their hands?

Get the peace of mind you deserve! Having your locks re-keyed by a professional locksmith will insure that correct re-keying procedures have been followed.

Rekeying is the process of modifying a lock so that a different key can operate it while the old one will not. Rekeying is done by changing the configuration inside the lock. The nice thing about rekeying is that it can be done without replacing the lock itself which makes it a more affordable solution.

At A-1 Safe Tech Locksmith we have serviced literally thousands of residential customers. We work with many realtors as well as homeowners on every project from the smallest to largest. Rekeying is generally the bulk of the services requested. Here is a breakdown on what is involved with rekeying a home.

A quick explanation of “rekeying” probably wouldn’t hurt. Many folds call and ask for a price to replace their locks when in reality, they are really needing only to be rekeyed. We generate a new key for your home by code on a special key cutting machine. We then remove all of your existing locks. We disassemble the lock cylinder discard all the old pins (the part the key pushes up and down), new pins are installed that match the new code cut key and at that time the lock cylinder is inspected, tested and lubricated if need and the lock is then reinstalled back on your door.  This procedure guarantees that the old key no longer works and also can cure many problems with sticking keys or stubborn locks.

Reasons for rekeying a residence could be the purchase of a new home, locks that are not operating properly, different keys for every door in the house, lost keys, need for additional locks or possibly a domestic situation. Scheduling a home rekey is requested but not required. In most cases we can provide same day service.

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