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Over 30+ Years of Experience!

aboutHi, my name is Steve Lemoine and I own and operate A-1 Safe Tech Locksmith LLC. I have been a locksmith for over 30 years. I grew up in Metairie, La but have been a resident of Slidell, La. since 1972  I have seen our community grow from a little quiet town to the dynamic place it is today. I have always had a great deal of mechanical abilities.  I worked in the shipbuilding industry for many years and the last project I worked on was the LCAC Hovercraft for the U.S. Navy.

I’m also a retired Fire District Cheif for Fire Protection District # 1 in Slidell, La and protecting the citizens of Slidell for over 26 years, but don’t let that fool you. I have been a locksmith since 1984. During that time Slidell had only about 3 locksmiths. My was known as After Hours Safe and Lock but changed the name January 2013 to A-1 Safe Tech Locksmith LLC to better fit my specialized training in safe openings and services.

I am a member of the SAVTA (Safe and Vault Technicians Association), AOLA – Associated Locksmiths of America, NSO (National Safeman’s Organization) and a member of the Louisiana Mississippi Locksmiths Association. When I joined SAVTA that was a turning point in my career. After many years of study, classes, net-working and field experience I achieved the level of CPS (Certified Professional Safe Technician).  During the last several years I have been doing specialized training on Safe Servicing, Professional Safe Openings, Safe Moving, Bank Vault Time Locks, ATM’s and many locksmith training continued educational classes. We are certified in many aspects of safe and vault service and our up to date training in techniques have kept A-1 Safe Tech Locksmith at the forefront of the safe and vault industry. Our customers which include restaurants, businesses, national ATM service companies, locksmith companies and safe manufacturers.
I am state licensed, bonded and insured, background checked and finger printed.

When you call A-1 Safe Tech Locksmith, I am the person answering the phone, not some call center out of state.

I am saddened by the wide spread abuse of our industry by scam artists and folks looking to make a quick buck by ripping off consumers. We do everything possible to assure our customers that we are honest, dependable, and a true local locksmith. Avoid ANY company that has an 800, 866, 877, 888 prefix to their phone number.

Through the years I have serviced many residents and businesses with their individual needs and am so grateful to all the awesome customers we have serviced and hope we can win your trust if you haven’t used us in the past.

Thanks so much for interest and putting your trust in us!

– Steve